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GoSocial connects you with people who are looking for attorneys online. We help you get in front of people where they spend their time: on mobile and social media.

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How we work

We connect law firms with with people who are looking for attorneys on Mobile & Social Media

We reach 5 million targeted users a month across the United States, connecting with people where they spend most of their time: on mobile, and social media. GoSocial’s creates content and campaigns for law firms to appear on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and LinkedIn when your local residents are searching for and asking for recommendations about attorneys.
We like to find the best way to work with you. So before anything else, we’ll book a discovery call to talk through what you want to achieve. You’ll then have the option to apply for our in-depth online audit or request a proposal for your own custom solution.

Lead quality over quantity

High marketing costs are often due to a lack of insight and planning. So, to make the most out of the opportunities available, it’s vital to have a solid strategy.

That’s where we come in. We’ll apply our proven methods to plan your campaigns, analyze your target audience, and strategize to find the most solution for you to get in front of your target audience. That way, the solutions you invest in will have the highest chance of generating a positive return on investment.

Lower budgets

We work exclusively with law firms and we’ve developed a methodology that is proven to reach and convert in many practice areas. Our vast experience with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and LinkedIn means we can precisely target your desired audience to deliver the quality results that you need. And with our scale and proven methods, we can even help you get started with significantly less budget than other digital marketing channels such as buying leads or clicks.

With GoSocial you’ll receive:

Measurable and consistent returns on investment
Tailored strategy, research and insights
Increased visits, calls and conversions
Significantly lower cost to invest than buying leads or PPC
A steady stream of high-quality exposure

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Case Study

Feeling unsure if Social Media marketing is the right fit for your firm?

We’ve helped many law firms like yours to connect with their target audiences through Social Media. But don’t just take our word for it, you can read a testimonials of our work with Beverly Law to learn more about what we helped them achieve.
"Since partnering with GoSocial the results have been nothing short of outstanding. GoSocial’s Facebook campaigns really pay for themselves, and we started receiving new, quality leads from Facebook within days. They’re experts in Facebook, highly professional, and truly care about helping my firm grow…which is rare in this industry!"

Michael Shemtoub, owner Beverly Law Firm, Los Angeles CA


increase in new valid leads


targeted prospects reached in 30 days


cost per qualified auto accident lead

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Who are we?

Steve Attard, owner and CEO of GoSocial, holds an MBA from Henley Business School with his dissertation in digital marketing and the customer experience.

He has created marketing campaigns for industry giants including McDonald’s, Nivea, and Pepsi in Europe. He also managed over $100K in Facebook ads for a political party running for the national government election in a European state. Since launching GoSocial in 2016, he has helped firms of all sizes to bring in a steady flow of clients using Facebook advertising guidance and implementation.

Steve Attard, Owner & CEO
MBA, Henley Business School
Certified eMarketing Associate (CeMA)


Strategic Audit

We’ll use our expertise to conduct a full audit of your business’s mobile and social media strategy, and research ways to refine your positioning. After this, you’ll have everything you need to put your own campaigns together. Or alternatively, take full advantage of our managed professional services.

Service includes:

Mobile and Social Media deep-dive including Social Media and SEO audits
Audience and targeting research
Customized mobile and social media marketing campaign blueprint
Expert guidance and recommendations
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Account Management

If you’d prefer to have a dedicated team managing your mobile listings and social media accounts, we can help there too. We offer complete set-up of your listings, accounts and campaigns, with content, creative and copy included. And as we manage your accounts, we conduct ongoing optimization to make sure you're reaching in the best-quality audience at the lowest possible cost.

Service includes:

Full mobile listing and social media account set-up & optimization
Weekly posts
Review and comment responding
Account reporting & Insights
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All consultations are free and no commitment

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Trusted by some of largest law firms in the United States:

"Campaigns like GoSocial's really pay for themselves, and I started receiving quality leads within days."

Michael Shemtoub
Owner, Beverly Law
Los Angeles, CA

Michael Shemtoub, owner of Beverly Law, is an experienced personal injury lawyer in California, handling a range of case types including rideshare, motorcycle and truck driver auto injury. Michael wanted to find a more cost-effective way to generate leads that were qualified as real accidents in his service area and result in successful client relationships.


70% increase in new valid leads
$150 cost per qualified auto accident lead
33,000 targeted prospects reached in 30 days
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